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California Rule 21 Working Group 2

On July 13, 2017, the Commission issued the Order Instituting this Rulemaking (OIR) in order to consider a variety of refinements to the interconnection of distributed energy resources under Electric Tariff Rule 21 of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and Southern California Edison Company (the Utilities), and the equivalent tariff rules of the small and multi-jurisdictional electric utilities. Read more…

Community Choice Aggregation

Gridworks convenes and supports stakeholders to better align the energy decisions of California’s Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs) and state policy-makers in support of the state’s  decarbonization goals. View our resources from this Working Group here.

Sustaining Solar Beyond Net Metering 

Gridworks convenes and supports stakeholders reexamining net metering, asking how to build on its success to further decarbonization, account for location value, fairly recover grid costs, and enable customer choice. View our resources from this Working Group here.

Distribution Resource Plan (DRP) Working Groups on ICA and LNBA

California leads the country in deployment of distributed energy resources. The CPUC’s Distribution Resources Plan proceeding (R. 14-08-013) continues the state’s work in developing supporting policies to enable increasing DERs in a cost-effective manner that promotes the state’s clean energy and climate goals, and ordered the three IOUs to develop Distribution Resource Plans (DRPs). These DRPs act as blueprints for how the IOUs can plan for and optimize the use of DERs. Our framework paper, “More than Smart: A Framework to Make the Distribution Grid More Open, Efficient, and Resilient” paved the development of a Walk-Jog-Run roadmap of how California plans to integrate increasing levels of DER, focused on distribution planning, operations, and markets.

Since then, each IOU has published their DRPs, initiated pilot projects deferring grid upgrades using DER alternatives, and initiated several technical working groups on grid planning, DER valuation and DER growth scenarios.

As part of the More Than Smart initiatives, Gridworks facilitated stakeholder discussion processes for the IOUs, specifically around the development of Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA), Locational Net Benefits Analysis (LNBA), and DER growth scenarios and distribution load forecasting, to better inform the CPUC’s Distribution Planning Process (DRP) proceeding, otherwise known as Working Groups. Gridworks has hosted over 50 meetings to support the IOUs; nearly 100 people and organizations participated in the development of these recommendations. View our resources from this Working Group here.

Pathways to an Open Grid, O’ahu

The Pathways to an Open Grid (POG) O’ahu project is an independently facilitated, data-driven, collaborative process. Over the next year, participants will forecast potential resource adoption scenarios, analyze the O’ahu electric grid’s renewable hosting capacity, and assess location-specific net benefits of distributed energy resources. A team of experienced facilitators and analysts collected and integrated stakeholder input into a secure, internet-accessible platform with publicly accessible features. View our resources from this Working Group here.

Transmission-Distribution Operations Interface Working Group

Between 2016 and 2017, More Than Smart led a T-D Operations Interface Working Group, comprised of the California ISO, state utilities, DER providers, and interested stakeholders that evaluate a potential operations framework for coordination between the transmission and distribution grids in high-DER penetration futures. Results are captured in More Than Smart’s paper, “Coordination of Transmission and Distribution Operations in a High Distributed Energy Resource Electric Grid“.

The T-D Operations Interface Working Group originated in January 2016.

More Than Smart Working Groups

MTS’s inaugural Working Group works to provide an open, voluntary stakeholder forum to educate and discuss core issues toward identifying potential common ground regarding the evolution of California’s distribution system and the seamless integration of DER to meet customers’ needs and public policy. These meetings led to the development of the Walk-Jog-Run framework paper. View our other resources from this Working Group here.


U.S. Department of Energy’s Distribution System Platform of Tomorrow (DSPx)

This project supports the creation of an integrated distributed electricity system and evaluates innovative approaches to engage stakeholders in its development. Gridworks contributes to DSPx efforts through facilitation, outreach to state leaders, and development of policy reports. Review the work of the DSPx initiative.