Gridworks supports market-based grid integration of electric vehicles. This initiative will develop a for the value of vehicle load management to be quantified and incorporated into the business models of automakers, charging providers, and grid operators to benefit drivers, electric consumers, and the environment. The Initiative begins with a focus on California but with an aim to support vehicle-grid integration across the US and internationally.

The initial scope of the Initiative will be:

  1. Identify and assess opportunities in which VGI can create value from multiple market participants’ perspectives
  2. Identify regulatory, labor, or industry market barriers to realizing VGI value creation,
  3. Provide recommendations on the market or policy actions needed to more appropriately value, procure, or put into operation VGI resources,
  4. Promote outcomes and “lessons learned” beyond California

This Initiative will be convened and facilitated by Gridworks, beginning with a  document framing the initiative released in March.