Tony Hansen

Tony is a management consultant and entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience in leading complex projects and delivering high-impact events for global corporations, governments and NGOs. In his current role with McKinsey & Company, Tony leads the Global Infrastructure Initiative, a community of the world’s most senior infrastructure leaders, committed to drive change in this $9 trillion (per year) sector.

In his previous role at Needham Partners, Tony was the Program Director with direct responsibility for the Fortune Global Forum, Fortune Brainstorm Green, and the Global Infrastructure Initiative. Prior to Needham Partners, Tony worked as a managing consultant for Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, a dynamic team of business strategists with deep sustainability expertise. In this role, his clients ranged from Walmart to Patagonia, with a strong focus on responsible sourcing and sustainable merchandising. As a sustainability consultant, he co-created the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, a transformative sustainable agriculture partnership between the South African Wine Industry and the conservation sector. Tony honed his skills in designing and delivering high-impact events for diverse stakeholder groups. His launching pad was creating the World Rafting Championships and co-founding the International Rafting Federation with over 50-member countries. The television productions were viewed by over 1 billion people in 140 countries. Tony holds undergraduate and post graduate business degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He lives with his family in Healdsburg, California, and has a passion for life, the outdoors, food and wine.