Gridworks Happy Hour – Green Hydrogen

There is no way to get to 100% renewable energy that I can see right now without hydrogen in the mix. It doesn’t exist.”  Martin Adams, LADWP

Can hydrogen transform the energy industry? Are we going to replace conventional energy sources with hydrogen?

Gridworks took up these big questions last week during our first Elemental Happy Hour. We had great help from the inimitable Janice Lin, Founder and President of the Green Hydrogen Coalition. Janice introduced the Coalition’s vision and priorities, the concept of Green Hydrogen, its sources and potential role in our clean energy future.  Some key takeaways:

  • Hydrogen is currently safely transported, stored and used in numerous industrial and commercial applications around the world;
  • Green hydrogen results from electrolytic, biological, and thermo-chemical conversion processes stemming from renewable electricity, biomass and biomethane;
  • Green hydrogen aims to address the need for multi-day and seasonal storage, helping to integrate renewable energy.

Janice Lin’s slides from the presentation are available here.

Post by Deborah Shields