The Gridworks paper produced by the Vehicle-Grid Integration Initiative, Evaluating California’s Vehicle-Grid Integration Opportunities, is a framing document for the discussion of advancing the discussion around VGI valuation in California. A series of workshops with a wide group of stakeholders informed the development and refinement of this document.

Developed in conjunction with Gridlab and the Center for Renewable Integration our new paper, The Role of Distributed Energy Resources in New Jersey’s Clean Energy Transition, provides a look at how DER can support the 2019 Energy Master Plan being deployed under Governor Phil Muprhy.

The Policy Roadmap for the Building Decarbonization Coalition outlines the essential barriers and upcoming steps for the key actors in California to take in accelerating the urgent decarbonization of California buildings to achieve the state climate goals.

Our discussion paper, “Community Choice Aggregation and California’s Clean Energy Future,” supports creative thinking among California stakeholders considering CCAs’ impacts on the state’s energy and environmental goals.This paper was written with support from the Energy Foundation.

Sharing Power Among the Pacific States”, by Senior Fellow Mike Florio, explores resource adequacy issues in California and the Pacific Northwest, and outlines recommendations for further collaboration that could increase regional benefits for all customers. Read the report and join us for a webinar on February 12th.

Our recent report, “Sustaining Solar Beyond Net Metering: How Customer Owned Solar Compensation Can Evolve in Support of Decarbonizing California”, summarizes efforts in our recent Sustaining Solar Initiative. See the press release here. Missed the webinar? Catch up with the webinar recording here.

Utility Dive published an article on the results of the paper and initiative – read “The ‘small miracle’ that may lead to California’s net metering successor” (02/08/2018).