Leading Hawaii’s Advanced Rate Design Working Group

This month Gridworks began facilitating the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s Working Group on Advanced Rate Design in support of distributed energy resources.

The Working Group will support the development of advanced rate design proposals for consideration by the Commission as a part of its policy-making for Distributed Energy Resources. Participating parties will share data and information, learn from outside experts, and exchange feedback on their respective proposals. Parties’ initial proposals will be filed in December 2020 for consideration by the Commission in 2021.

The first two Working Group meetings in August led to:

  • Shared working group objectives,
  • Definitions for common terms and approaches to cost categorization and revenue apportionment, and
  • Identification of data needs and availability for near- and long-term rate options

Upcoming meetings will cover specific rate design options for Hawaii’s customers.

Gridworks brings expertise in rate design, distributed energy resources, and facilitation to the initiative. We are honored to serve participating parties and humbled by the Commission’s confidence in Gridworks.

Gridworks believes a modernization of rate design is critical to enabling clean energy. Hawaii, a vanguard of distributed energy, offers an ideal opportunity to make progress. If you think Gridworks can advance this same goal where you live and work, let us know. We are expanding our capacity to serve.

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