Arthur Haubenstock Senior Fellow, Gridworks

Gridworks draws strength from the exceptional expertise and dedication of its people. Today we profile Arthur Haubenstock, Senior Fellow.


Long before joining Gridworks, Arthur — an attorney by training, mediator by birth order — had made a habit of taking on intractable problems.  His first essay to win a prize, at age 10, urged everyone to value the environment; in his teens he was publishing primers on alternative energy for his high school science journal. His work to clean up our energy system only grew from there, carrying him to work with the U.S. EPA, PG&E, multiple renewable and storage developers, law and consulting firms, and trade associations. Today, with more than two decades of experience in clean energy, Arthur is a recognized thought-leader and change-maker


Arthur now pursues his mission through Gridworks, a platform supporting the sort of collaborative, creative solutions he has sought to achieve across his career. He is leading and contributing to projects advancing equity and the clean energy transition. Arthur has led Gridworks’ contribution to reforming Resource Adequacy, an enigmatic, entrenched core of the power sector in need of new ideas. Resource Adequacy: Reliability Through the Clean Energy Transition, a report released last week, exemplifies Arthur’s talent.

Arthur lives in Portland, Oregon with his beloved, beautiful family. He takes inspiration from travel and The Book of Joy.

Post by Deborah Shields