The newest publication from Gridworks, California’s Gas System in Transition: Equitable, Affordable, Decarbonized, and Smaller, was just released today. This Report shows how a suite of local and state-wide policies resulting from California’s commitment to 100 percent clean electricity and carbon-neutrality are set to cause a significant reduction in gas demand in coming decades. At the same time, the cost of safely operating California’s gas infrastructure has risen in recent years, and is set to rise again as utilities seek necessary safety upgrades and investments.  

Without a strategy to transition the gas delivery system, the confluence of these two trends could cause harm to gas workers, low-income gas residents, gas-dependent industries, and the broader economy. Our Report begins the development of that strategy, providing recommendations on how state and industry leaders can meet this challenge head on. 

Consistent with Gridworks mission to convene, educate and empower stakeholders to decarbonize electricity grids, this Report draws on a series of facilitated discussions between key consumer, labor, equity, utility and environmental stakeholders. These stakeholders provided invaluable input, without which this Report would not be possible.

Slides from the 11/6 Webinar

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California’s Gas System in Transition Equitable, Affordable, Decarbonized, and Smaller

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Slides from the Gridworks presentation at the Getting to Zero Forum 2019 in Oakland on October 10