Get a GRIP California

Today Gridworks presents “Gas Resource and Infrastructure Planning for California,” our next step in leading California’s gas transition. This report provides industry leaders a how-to manual on planning for a more just and equitable system for customers, workers, and gas companies.

The Gas Resource and Infrastructure Plan (GRIP) is a five-step process to assess the gas resources and infrastructure needed to achieve California’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and local criteria pollutants while maintaining reliable, safe and affordable service. The recommendations provide a comprehensive guide to:

  • the action needed from policy and utility leaders,  
  • the data and analytics required,
  • essential stakeholder engagement and
  • available financial mechanisms.

Taking the debate by the horns, the GRIP opens the door to renewable gas and hydrogen, allowing for fact-based assessment of these welcome alternatives to fossil gas. At the same time, the report anticipates declining gas consumption resulting from electrification needed to achieve carbon reduction targets, preparing California for a smaller, more equitable, and affordable gas delivery infrastructure. 

Gridworks is pleased to introduce this report for due consideration by leaders of, and participants in, the California Public Utilities Commission’s Rulemaking (R.) 20-01-007. We urge leaders throughout California to leverage the content herein to accelerate long-term gas planning.

On February 12 at 11am we will introduce this report and answer questions about it through a webinar. We are very pleased this event will also feature a presentation from leaders at the Environmental Defense Fund on their recent related report, “Aligning Gas Regulation and Climate Goals.” Join us by registering here

Gridworks is indebted and grateful to the participants and contributors in our Gas Transition Group who met between March and November to create, critique and, at times, cringe through the development of this report. A heart-felt hat-tip to all of you. You’re an example to our nation. 

Post by Deborah Shields