DRP Retrospective | Sep 10, 2019

Chapters One and Two provide context and background supporting this chapter California was not the only state grappling with an influx of distributed resources on electric utility systems.  The State of New York faced a similar but distinct set of challenges, in part driven by the extensive damage and widespread […]

DRP Retrospective | Sep 04, 2019

The Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) process was both a response to fundamental changes in electricity markets and an attempt to shape the course of future changes in ways that would minimize overall system costs and maximize ratepayer benefits. One goal was to establish a new framework for the integration and […]

“California’s experience put it years ahead of anywhere else, except Hawaii.  The whole concept was a paradigm shift, driven by market forces. Penetration by roof-top PV was at the time ‘tiny’, just noise on the system. But the utilities were getting swamped with new interconnection applications.  We were just starting […]

DRP Retrospective | Aug 26, 2019

Five years ago this month, in August of 2014, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) opened a landmark Rulemaking (R.14-08-013) to explore new policies and methodologies for better incorporation of distributed energy resources (DER) into the electric utility system.  In this series of articles, Gridworks explores the intentions and outcomes […]