California Future Grid Study


California’s Future Grid Study will address two questions posed by the California Public Utilities Commission:

  • How do alternative Distribution System Operator models compare in their ability to plan and operate a high Distributed Energy Resource (DER) grid, unlock economic opportunities for DERs to provide grid services, limit market power, reduce ratepayer costs, increase equity, support grid resiliency, and meet State policy objectives?
  • Should California’s Investor Owned Utilities be incentivized to cost-effectively prepare for widespread DER deployments? If so, how?

Gridworks serves as lead facilitator of an open stakeholder process to answer these questions collaboratively by the end of 2023.

A white paper, Evaluating Alternative Distribution System Operator Models for California, created by Gridworks, was published in March 2022 to initiate the Commission’s stakeholder process.

Working Materials


CPUC Electric Grid Education and Outreach Workshop (R.21-06-017)

Date: 8/23/22

Time: 9:00am (PDT)

Workshop Ruling


CPUC Kick-off Workshop re: Evaluating Alternative DSO Models (R.21-06-017)

Meeting 5/3/2022

Time 10am – 3pm  PDT

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Recording

Zoom Chat Transcript

Workshop Sumary

Presentation Materials

Gridworks Presentation

Energy Division Presentation

Mark Paterson: DER & DSO Process Lessons from Australia

Jason Brogden: UK Experience of Evaluating DSO Models

Wild Tree and Partners: Toward a High-DER Future A Community Stakeholder Engagement Focused Alternate Proposal

Climate Center: Recommendations for the Track 2 Process

Center for Biological Diversity: Proposed Process Amendments to Center Community Engagement and Achieve Environmental and Social Justice Goals

Southern California Edison

Coalition of Utility Employees: DSO Legal Framework

Public Advocates Offices: Cal Advocates Comments on Track 2 Workshop

Synergistic Solutions: Process for Evaluating Alternative DSO Models for California

TeMix Presentation

Supporting Comments


Wild Tree and Partners

Joint CCA Informal Post-Workshop Comments

Summary and Key Take-aways: CPUC Kick-off Workshop re: Evaluating Alternative DSO Models (R.21-06-017), May 3, 2022

Informal Comments Of The Green Power Institute on Gridworks’ DSO White Paper

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