Materials Produced By the VGI Working Group

Final Report

Methodology Development

Use Case Development, Submissions, Screening, and Scoring

The Use Case Assessment Database is an on-line viewable Airtable containing the use case screening and scoring compilations and summaries from which all use case assessment information in this report was derived.  This database has the following tables, which are linked here as Excel files:

In addition to the database, the following documents and spreadsheets were produced by the Working Group:

Details on submission, screening and scoring process and results:

Templates for submissions:

Final results of submissions:

Screening results and use-case-specific comments on screening:

Screening overview comments and rules:

Scoring results and use-case specific comments on scoring:

Ranking or analyzing the use cases:


Policy Recommendations and Survey

The Policy Recommendations Database is an on-line viewable Airtable containing the following information. Each of the tables in this database is also available as an Excel file via the links below.

Supplementary Materials on Policy Submitted by Participants

Note: all policy recommendation materials submitted by participants were incorporated into the Policy Recommendations Database linked above. In addition, some participants submitted supplementary PDF documents related to policy recommendations:

Working Group Participant Submissions on Comparison of VGI Use Cases with Other DER Use Cases

Note: these submissions are neither endorsed nor reviewed by the Working Group

“Stock-Takes” of Existing Efforts

Note: these were submitted by CPUC, CAIO, CEC, and Peninsula Clean Energy on behalf of CCAs, responding to a solicitation of “stock taking” of existing efforts

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